July 2019

The Unleashed initiative is a two-year journey of surrender, consecration, and sacrifice. Our vision is to provide more seats to reach more people for Christ. We will accomplish this with the construction of our new 1,500 seat worship center.

By God’s grace, the first three months of Unleashed are now behind us. As of June 30, the Summit family has given $2,041,845 toward Unleashed. We praise God, particularly considering this is “over-and-above” ongoing General Fund giving. This represents tremendous sacrifice by hundreds of Summites—THANK YOU!

But the journey is far from over. Commitments and allocated funds toward the new facility totaled over $7.3 million. For us to reach or exceed this total will require ongoing surrender, ongoing consecration, and ongoing sacrifice. We encourage you to continue bathing the initiative in prayer and pressing forward with your commitments.

And yet, O LORD, You are our Father. We are the clay, and You are the Potter. We all are formed by Your hand.
— Isaiah 64:8
We will not be moved from our decision no matter what may come.
— Steve and Bonnie Romo

Steve and Bonnie Romo

As soon as Unleashed was announced, Bonnie and I knew that we would be participating; but we did not know what our commitment would be. In fact, we still don’t…except that it will be more than what we originally committed.

We had no hesitation, because we believe in and trust that our Abba will honor what we speak out. He has always been faithful, and we no longer question his promptings. We also knew that we would be attacked by the enemy and would remain looking to Jesus for our protection and not deviate from our decision.

We decided on an amount, but we didn’t know where it would come from. Through prayer, the Holy Spirit reminded us that we were making over-payments on our mortgage so we reduced that to the regular amount. We added additional funds to be able to meet our commitment. Of course, Bonnie immediately had trouble swirling around her pay at work. After several months of trusting the Lord, her pay actually increased. The increase was nearly the amount of our commitment. Thanks to Abba, we can almost double our original commitment.

One week before our first gift, our washing machine broke down and had to be replaced. Rather than not give toward Unleashed, we decided to use savings to purchase a new machine. When we made that decision, we will not be moved from our decision no matter what may come. May our sweet Father continue to shine through all of us and may we continue to rest in his presence.

Terry Jacobson

Terry Jacobson

Building Update

Allow us to introduce the architect for designing our new Worship Center. Terry Jacobson has worked with Summit since our 36½ acre parcel was a dirt hillside. Terry developed the initial Master Plan for our site, helped secure the appropriate entitlements, designed our first and second phases of construction, and also oversaw the site work we completed four years ago.

Prior to focusing on church projects, Terry designed commercial projects such as shopping malls. However, 25 years ago his firm was contracted by Pastor Rick Warren’s team to master plan Saddleback Church’s 75-acre campus. Once Terry saw how he could be used for the cause of Christ, he began dedicating his entire practice to designing ministry facilities. Terry’s largest project has been the $54 million relocation of Eastside Christian Church in Southern California.

Terry is a deeply committed Jesus-follower, a superb architect, and a 20-year friend of Summit’s ministry. He is also familiar with the area’s construction environment and governmental entities. Please pray for Terry as he finalizes the design of our new facility.