UNLEASHED is a two-year initiative where we are seeking
to consecrate ourselves more fully to God
to be unleashed for more of what he wants for us.


100% Engagement
of All Summites

Unleashed to surrender more to Christ.
What are we holding back from the lordship of Jesus? What more do we need to surrender to him?

Unleashed to become more like Christ.
What steps of faith do we need to take that will unleash a radical new dependence upon Jesus?

Unleashed to be more generous for Christ.
What new level of generosity would appropriately express our gratitude for all that Jesus has done for us?


$8.5 Million
in Additional Generosity

This is to build a dynamic new Worship Center that will allow Summit to reach more people for Christ. The total cost is expected to be $14.5 million. $8.5 million will come through additional over-and-above giving during a 24-month period; $6 million will come through a low-interest mortgage.